How to choose a Property Bond – 100 downloads in a day!

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I’m delighted this morning: our property investors’ guide to Property Bonds has been downloaded by over 100 property investors in under 24 hours with more requests flooding in. 

There’s clearly a very strong interest in this new and interesting way of investing in property development projects. But with a growing array of property bonds appearing in the market place investors recognise that they need to equip themselves with knowledge and understanding of what they are and what they do.

There are some great property bond opportunities out there today, but they vary in quality and safety so having the knowledge of how to tell them apart and gauge which ones are right for you is so important to avoid mistakes and missing out on the best of the bunch.

The property bonds guide was written to give investors this kind of insight and seems to be hitting the spot. But we’re constantly seeking to improve they way we serve investors, so I’d really value all comments and feedback on how we can make the guide even better. If you read the book, please drop me a comment here and we’ll use these to create the next edition! 

If you’ve downloaded already – thank you. If not, you can get your copy of the guide right here :

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