Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What do you charge?
Answer: In the vast majority of opportunities we offer, we charge no fee to the client. Where this is not the case we will tell you immediately. Of course, other purchase costs need to be taken into account including solicitors fees and purchase taxes. Our illustrations will show all such projected costs. However, bear in mind that each of our authorised property deals are typically offered at 30%-50% below their market value, and in most cases with our international developments, significant potential local tax advantages have been negotiated for you.

Q2. How much money do I need to get started?
Answer: We frequently offer property at substantially below market value, with further capital growth anticipated before completion, and what’s more could cover some (or even all) of your other set-up costs.
As a rule of thumb, if you are able to commit to (or raise) an initial capital level of a minimum of £10,000—£25,000, you will be able to get started. We’ll look at your circumstances in detail and make sure you are completely comfortable with any commitment before you begin.

Q3. How much time do I have to spend running my property?
Answer: The absolute minimum. That’s why we’re here. We agree goals and a strategy with you at the start of our relationship. We then recommend property purchases (or sales in cases where that is part of your strategy) over a period of time which could be months or years. We and our business partners carry out a huge amount of due diligence on your behalf, but always require that you are entirely satisfied with the deal before we get moving with the purchase process. Once agreed, we will do the rest. We will keep you updated every step of the way via regular contact.
When the time comes to let out your property, we’ll take care of that too if you wish, from start to finish. In many cases, full management is included as part of the deal.

Q4. What is my commitment?
Answer: Simply the legal requirement to purchase the property on which you have exchanged contracts.
We operate on a property-by-property basis, and should you choose to end our involvement at any time, you are free to do so. However, please see our terms and conditions for full details.

Q5. Will I have to subsidise my investments every month?
Answer: Our intention for you to is to achieve positive cash flow almost from the moment the property completes. We do not encourage our clients to ever subsidise their property portfolio and would seriously question any development that requires this. As well as being (in our view) a flawed strategy, it simply is not scalable. We offer only properties that are expected to provide capital growth to help fund the purchase together with a passive net income from day one.