how can we help you invest in property?

In today’s world we know that you are busy enough taking care of everyday living, yet alone trying to understand how you can invest in property to secure tomorrow’s finances.

That’s where we come in, we work for busy people who are convinced (or perhaps just suspect for now) that to invest in property remains a highly effective route to true wealth, but simply do not have the time to complete the process on their own.

“Our passion is to create multiple, passive income streams for you and your loved ones. We do this by offering Real Estate opportunities in many possible forms as the key to achieving that goal for you.”
To invest in property is not difficult
To do so successfully needs a little more smart thinking. Through our experience and commitment to property success for everyone, we aim to make building a property portfolio as straightforward for you as buying and selling stocks and shares, but with all the financial benefits and security that property offers.

We know the ropes already, we know who to speak to, we understand the process and we can do it all for you, so you don’t have to. Your hardest task will be to choose the property you want from our portfolio? The choice is yours.

“Our goal is, and always will be, helping you towards your financial independence through property.”

Your peace of mindWe are delighted to be full members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) service in the UK, and have agreed to abide by their Code of Conduct and Dispute Resolution Service should anything not go smoothly for you when we work together.

When it comes to overseas property investments, we are also highly active members of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) and are represented on their Advisory Board. As members, we have agreed to abide by the AIPP’s Code of Conduct and Constitution, and are actively campaigning for ever-higher industry standards in promotion of investment property.

We are proud of our levels of service and commitment to customer care and are delighted to offer this extra level of reassurance to our investors.

Ways to invest
There are a variety of ways to invest with us, depending on your specific needs. We work and our specialist pension and tax partners will help you find the solution that is perfect for you.

Direct Investment
This is the traditional way of investing in property, using savings. A deposit of typically 30% of the purchase price is used as the initial investment at exchange of contracts. The balance of the purchase price is payable on completion when the keys are handed to you, which can be sourced from further personal funds or via a mortgage. If you wish, our developer partners will assist you with sourcing mortgage funds and in some cases will guarantee that mortgage for you contractually.

Through a Self-Invested Personal Pension or Group Pension
A growing number of investors are finding that their pension provisions are not enough to provide them with the income they expect at retirement. A Self-Invested Personal Pension, or SIPP, allows them to use ailing or forgotten pension funds to purchase investment property, with the prospect of superior returns over the coming years and getting “back on track”. Others are simply looking for an alternative asset class to complement their pension provisions and diversify their portfolio. Still others see a SIPP as a tax-efficient route to investing in property. All our investment opportunities are classes as commercial property and have been approved for investing through a SIPP. The downside with a SIPP investment is that no personal usage of the property is permitted. To get you started we offer a pension review service that will identify your available funds, provided by carefully selected independent financial planners with our complements.

Via a Limited Company
Maybe you are a company director and wish to invest your profits in commercial real estate or would like to explore potential tax advantages of setting up a UK limited company as a wrapper for your investment? Our tax planning specialist partners will be happy to discuss the potential benefits with you in detail.

Shared Ownership
This is an increasingly popular route to invest in luxury property, combining all the benefits of full ownership with increased affordability. Also known as Fractional Ownership, a buyer would invest in a fraction of the property for example 25% and receive the appropriate proportion of rental return and capital growth. This is particularly beneficial for investors who do not wish to use a mortgage to fund their property and prefer to purchase outright. 

Graham Turrell BSc (hons), CEng.

Chief Consultant,
HighGround Property

Graham is an expert in his field and meticulous in his approach. No stone is left unturned to ensure his clients have all the information they need and can make a truly informed decision when investing. You can expect a consistently high level of service and reliability when you work with Graham on your investment portfolio, I can highly recommend Graham.

Karen Chapple,