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Our extensive research on investment suitability of location, developments and developers frees you to select from only the highest quality property investments, giving you peace of mind and the opportunity for returns that stand to easily surpass most of the traditional investment vehicles on the market today. 

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Everything in our Hassle-free Property Portfolio is meticulously researched and designed with security, track record and excellent returns on your investment as the top priority. Our portfolio focusses on three key property asset classes:
Property Bonds – be the lender not the landlord. Built-in exit strategy, fixed returns and no purchase costs. 
Student Property – Purpose-built to achieve maximum rental income and high occupancy.
Managed Residential Property – traditional property investment done for you.

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Before choosing your perfect property, let us help you be clear about what it is you want to achieve. Like our properties, we’re hassle-free too: just the guidance you need in simple terms and no jargon. Speak with one of our team of property experts today.

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